StepBack : Eternal Degrade

This is a current ongoing project to create a dos-themed open world RPG game which runs in a simulated world that changes as you progress throughout the game.

The StepBack engine is built from the ground up to support time travel in the form of rewind. This form of time travel which includes the entire simulated world works through the magic of a savestate system, similar to how emulators perform savestates and rewind.

The game is currently at its prototype stage but has exceeded the proof-of-concept phase. The prototype is fully playable but doesn't contain anything else than an open world right now.'

Health Warning

This game features console ascii graphics and flashy visuals. If you are prone to seizure, react strongly to flashing lights, do not play this game.

Prototype Gameplay video


The development of this game is done exclusively by Ircluzar (Phil Girard).

If you wish to discuss about the game or share your experiences, feel free to join our Discord server. Make sure you read the rules :)

RTC Dev - Redscientist Labs Discord