History of VRUN Games

VRUN Games is a branch of Redscientist Labs that focuses on glitchart-related games

The virus.run domain was acquired in the early 2012 as a host for its titular game codenamed "VRUN"

The "VRUN" project eventually became "Corrupt The World"; our first completed fully-featured glitchart game project.

We, the team behind VRUN Games, are committed to push the boundaries of glitchart games and bring the most unique experiences.

Licencing and use of material

The games featured on this website are Closed Source in nature unless specified otherwise.

You are allowed to download, share, record, stream and mod our games.

Metagame experiences

Some of our metagames may require external files to function. Said files cannot be provided to the user. Community-powered content is available on the optional.fun website.

Real-Time Corruptor

Some games (such as Glitch Attack) use RTCV technology from Redscientist Labs. These technologies are Open Source and available under an MIT Licence when possible.

Bizhawk Emulator

Some emulator-based metagames (such as Glitch Attack) can use various emulators such as Bizhawk Emulator. Please see the licence of those emulators at their github repo for more details.

Clickteam Fusion Engine

The game "Corrupt The World" uses an html5 Clickteam Fusion Engine in a custom software enclosure. The base core engine is distributed according to Clickteam's license.


You can usually find us on our Discord server or you can alternatively send us an e-mail.

RTC Dev - Redscientist Labs Discord

📧 contact@redscientist.com